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Why Yoga?

silhouette of an arm & hand in gyan mudra resting on a knee, in the background a blurry view of a purple & pink sunset sky over the ocean
Gyan Mudra, the powerful mudra of learning and wisdom

When you start to do yoga, maybe it's just for the physical benefits, but as you do it you might feel like there's something more here, but you just can't put your finger on it.

And you start to have these small moments of accomplishment here and there...becoming physically stronger and more flexible. Or maybe you're just finally able to do that one pose that you hadn't been able to do before.

And then you might have these other types of small moments where you're more relaxed, you feel less stress, you're more at peace. You may still have plenty of other stressful moments in your day but now you have some tools in your back pocket to relieve some of that. At this point you may not notice huge changes in your life, but you keep going along this path of yoga because you know it's good, you feel it, you have a sense of faith.

And then maybe it hits you one day or maybe you look back and add up all these small moments and realize they are layers of love and self nurturing that make up pieces of a puzzle. And as you keep going you fit another puzzle piece into the bigger picture, which you still can't necessarily see, but you keep working at it.

And then finally the image starts to take form and slowly you start to see, with clarity...the image begins to take shape...that image is YOU! Who you TRULY are, not your ego that's full of judgement and self doubt, but the REAL you that's full of LOVE & LIGHT and connected to the divine...

...and you realize this path of yoga is BEAUTIFUL as you transform from the caterpillar into the butterfly.

A Marbled White Butterfly sitting on a purple flower on a green branch, the background is a blur of green
The Marbled White Butterfly in it's beautiful transformation

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Love this ! A wonderful inspiration we all should follow ; thank you Nadrs

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